October sees the clocks changing and dark night’s drawing in so we canfeel more tiredand lacking energy. With shorter days, it can be more difficult to get your Vitamin D fix but it’s still vitally important.  With its proven immune-boosting benefits, and increasing evidence that it can also aid the fight against CoVid, now is an ideal time to consider topping yourself up via supplements and diet.  Proven benefits for boosting your vitamin D intake are:

  • Healthy bones, teeth & muscles
  • Improved immune system to fight off infections

Current NHS guidelines suggest a daily dose of 10 micrograms as a supplement for adults.  Remember, good natural sources are oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines as well as red meat and even egg yolks.  Some breakfast cereals, margarines & yoghurts are even fortified with it but keep an eye on the sugar content!

An easy way to top yourself up at this time of year is to get outside walking for just 30 minutes each day (break it down into two bursts of 15 mins if you struggle to make 30!).  Getting out in natural daylight during the darker months can also be a huge mood boost and it’s free so win, win!  Don’t forget a healthy homemade soup to warm you up afterwards, so much more nutritious than bought ones and there are masses of yummy squash & pumpkins in season right now.

It’s worth taking extra care of yourself now to reap the benefits for when we can get out more in the Spring.