The last few months have been difficult and unprecedented times. We have all needed to adapt to this “new normal”, whether it be the environment in which we work, the ways in which we socialise or the methods we use to stay both mentally and physically strong.

When the instruction was first given to close gyms, my priority was to ensure that I continued to support my clients in a way that maintained their fitness levels and moved them closer to their goals, albeit without the equipment and in person support that I’d previously provided.  That’s where Zoom came in!

Over the last 2 months I have managed to transition to virtual coaching without disruption and continue to support my client’s on their journeys, as the below testimonials will attest. Believe me, a lack of equipment is not a barrier to progression!

Not only has this provided a way to safely continue coaching through the pandemic, it has also helped to navigate some of the usual issues that prevent people training. A lack of childcare, free time, transport or a heavy work schedule can all be overcome through a zoom training session.  For those wanting to train while on holiday, why not use zoom?  While I would always prefer to meet you all in person, I will continue to offer this service moving forward for those who prefer this option.